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FirstService Residential Austin will assist members who are eligible to engage in payment plans to bring their account balances into compliance with their respective community association. If you wish to engage in a payment plan to bring your association account into good standing, please refer to your community governing documents for further details regarding the legal terms and conditions of all payment plans that pertain to your community.

If your account is currently in a delinquent status, your account will remain in delinquent status, subject to late charges, interest, liens and all other remedies listed in your governing documents, until the account is current. 

I (we) hereby request a payment plan agreement with my community association as named below, hereinafter called ASSOCIATION, to initiate repayment on past due assessments due and owing:

I (we) understand that the amounts owed are correct, due and owing.  We request the Association to provide us with a monthly payment plan as selected in accordance with the community's payment plan policy.  We understand that we must make the payments on or before the 15th of each month.  If we make a late payments and the Association accepts it, that act does not waive the Association’s rights as stated in the Association’s Declaration.

I (we) further acknowledge that any future penalties, interest, or other charges may not be included in this payment plan agreement and we will need to pay it separately or request the amounts to be included in our payment plan agreement.

By submitting this request, we also understand that our payment plan request is not automatically approved.  We will receive a confirmation of our request once the Board approves it.  If our request is approved and we default on the payment plan agreement, the Association has the right to not approve another payment plan agreement for the next two (2) years.  

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of a payment plan as prescribed in my community association's governing documents.:*
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